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Leah McCarrick.

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creative commercial photographer & Artist.

My interest in photography came about in 2015 when I was on a family holiday in Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, and I took a photo that I really loved of Snow White during a parade one day. It was this photograph and this holiday that I distinctly remember as being the first time that I actually considered that I could take photos for a living and make money through being a photographer, which was something that I really fell in love with during this family holiday.




I have recently graduated at the University of Salford, with a BA Honors in Photography. I used my time studying to develop my portfolio and expand my knowledge, and found a keen interest in product photography, which is the main focus of my professional practice, along with portraiture, food, events, and performance photography all being newfound interests of mine over the course of my time studying towards my degree. During the time I spent studying towards my degree, I also gained experience in Social Media Management - not only running my own Instagram and Facebook accounts but also running the social media accounts for a group exhibition that I was a part of in 2020 (A Fresh Page).

My personal, and more artistic work, is often inspired by myself, whether that be my childhood memories or more serious topics such as mental health, and even just experimental processes that I enjoy undertaking.


Salford Degree Show (2022) Salford University, New Adelphi.


Interim Exhibition (2021). Salford University, New Adelphi.


A Fresh Page (2020) - Online.

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